Players Golf Tour



Contact the tour director at or +1 (580) 554-4567.


All USGA rules apply. This includes the following:

  1. No gimmies
  2. No stroke limit

Any player caught cheating will be disqualified from the tournament and suspended for the rest of the season.


The Players Golf Tour maintains a handicap of every player. A handicap is calculated by averaging the best 8 score differentials out of the most recent 20 scores in a scoring record. If a scoring record contains fewer than 20 score differentials, the table below is used to determine the number of score differentials to be included in the calculation.

Total scores Scores used
3Lowest 2
4-5Lowest 3
6-8Lowest 4
9-11Lowest 5
12-15Lowest 6
16-19Lowest 7

New Players

Before a new player plays their first tournament on the Players Golf Tour, the tour director will work with the player to establish an initial handicap (perhaps from scores on a another tour). That handicap will remain unchanged for the first 3 rounds played on the Players Golf Tour1. Once a new player has played 3 rounds or more on the Players Golf Tour, the player's handicap will be calculated solely from scores on the Players Golf Tour.

Additional Handicap Rules

  1. A player's handicap is recalculated after each 18-hole round, even if that round was the first of a multi-day tournament.
  2. A hard cap of 1.0 is applied to any increase or decrease in a player's handicap after a single round.
  3. A player will not be allowed to win 1st or 2nd place in their 1st tournament.
  4. A player will not be allowed to win 1st place in their 2nd tournament.


Seniors, aged 50-73, will play from one tee up. Super seniors, aged 74 and up, will play from two tees up. Seniors' and super seniors' handicaps will be calculated from the course rating and the slope of the tees that they play.

Points System

Points are awarded to every player who participates in a tournament. At the end of the year, the Player of the Year Pot will be distributed to the player(s) with the most points.


For major tournaments, points are doubled.

  1. At the discretion of the tour committee, a player's handicap may be adjusted after an 18-hole round if they have not yet completed 3 18-hole rounds on the Players Golf Tour.